Seen that dream bargain and need to get a payday loan?

It may be that you’d really like to get a payday loan as it would help you snap up that dream bargain such as a cheap holiday.

Yet the thought of applying for a fast payday loan may fill you with dread. Images of lots of application questions, extended delays and probing intrusive questions about your credit history may all come to mind.

However, none of those things typically apply to a payday loan application. Why not?

Payday loans are different

A payday loan is typically for a modest sum of money intended to get you through a temporary shortfall of funds in a given month. It’s typically paid back, together with the previously agreed interest charges and any other fees, in one go when you next get paid.

The lender will typically debit your bank account and the loan is then over and done with.

This gives a payday loan two defining characteristics – 1) it is very short-term with no lengthy set of repayments going on over months or years, 2) the amounts involved are typically relatively small – in the low hundreds of pounds.

This in turn means that for lenders, typically a payday loan may be a lower risk than some other forms of loan advances.

As a result, they have simplified and streamlined the application processes meaning you’ll get a fast decision.

Even better, as the risk profile is lower, they’ll typically only perform a relatively quick credit check. That could be beneficial for you if you have some problems in your credit history.


If your application is approved and you get a payday loan, it could be in your bank within a few hours or by the following day (perhaps a little longer at weekends).

The good news is that you don’t even have to do anything special about remembering to pay it back.

Typically, one of the relatively few conditions of such a loan is that you have a bank account and bank debit card. That’s needed initially to send the loan to. That account is also used when the loan is due for repayment. The lender simply places a debit against it for the total amount you’ve previously agreed.

So, to get a payday loan can be fast and easy!

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